Our Story

These brothers are inseparable, survivors, God's miracles, resilient and beautiful boys who love to laugh and share their joy!

Meet Jeffrey (5 years old)

Jedyen (4 years old)

The Day Life Was Flipped Upside Down
August 20, 2015, When they were 1 and 2 years of age, they fell out of 30 foot high window together, a major accident together that resulted in life threatening injuries, some that would heal with time (skull fractures, broken bones) and some that would be a lifelong journey to recovery (Traumatic Brain Injuries, chronic headaches and trauma). 
The Traumatic Effects
As parents raising brown boys in America, we already knew we had a lifelong battle against racism ahead of us but never imagined adding a “disability” on top of that. 
When they entered the public school system we never imagined in our wildest nightmares, that they would experience racism, targeting and exclusion at the innocent preschool age, but they did. Our boys quickly became aware of their differences and within 2 weeks of public school, came home hating their skin color and saying mean things about their family’s race and wanted to be disassociated with “brown” skin altogether.
The Decision to Make a Change
We started educating our children by exposing them to positive media, books, and community events to "teach" them to love their skin color, physical and emotional differences while appreciating, loving and respecting other people's skin colors and differences. After months of advocating for change, multiple school meetings at all levels and providing resources on ways to stop this mistreatment, we took a stand for what we believed in and put the safety of our children first. One last incident that was detrimental to our family involved direct comments made towards our children and forced us to pull them out of their school. 
We channeled our advocacy, anger, hurt and pain into this project. Since our sons could not speak on their own behalf, we wanted to create something to send our children to school with that would teach their teachers and peers how to treat them and interact with them while building their self-esteem and sense of self-worth and value. 
We asked our children and they suggested shirts. Out of listening to their ideas and conversations with each other we decided to create a t-shirt line, mainly for children, that would send a positive message on their behalf to whoever reads them while bridging gaps and making a difference!
Welcome to our journey!